Genetic Relationship by Averaged Blocks (GRAB) version 1.0

GRAB (Genetic Relationship by Averaged Blocks) is an algorithm
for accurate estimation of genetic relationship from whole-genome data. GRAB
segments the genome into blocks, calculates the fraction of blocks sharing
identity, and then uses a parameter-based model to infer 1st- to 5th- degree
relationships. It is 100% accurate for parent-offspring and full-siblings and
>90% accurate for 2nd- to 3rd- degree and unrelated individuals. It is
robust to sequencing errors and directly reports relationship instead of
viewing indirect statistics in a graph. GRAB does not rely on population
background and phasing. It accepts diverse input formats and is applicable to
both whole-genome sequencing (WGS) and genome-wide SNP array.

Requirements: Perl, R

Contact: Hong Li